Tulip Garden resonates with vibrant electoral awareness programme

Tulip Garden resonates with vibrant electoral awareness programme

Events aimed to boost public participation in polls: DEO Srinagar

To ignite Awareness among voters for vigorous participation in upcoming General Elections to Lok Sabha on May 13, 2024, a Vibrant Voter Awareness programme was organized by District Election Authority Srinagar at the Asia's largest and world famous Tulip Garden under Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP).

The electoral Awareness programme was held with an aim to enhance the voter participation on the directions of the District Election Officer(DEO) Srinagar, Dr. Bilal Mohi-Ud-Din Bhat, who is also the Returning Officer(RO) for 02-Srinagar Parliamentary Constituency.

On the occasion, Nodal Officer MCMC, Ahsanul Haq Chisti, Special Nodal Officers for SVEEP, Tahir Ahmad Magray & Sarib Ahmad, Principal Amar Singh College, Prof Sheikh Aijaz, Nodal Officer SVEEP/AMF, A.H.Fani, Deputy CEO Srinagar, Anjum Raja other Officers from Chief Education Office Srinagar, School Students, hundreds of Locals and Tourists visiting from across India captured memorable selfies at the SVEEP Selfie Stand set up by the District Election Authority Srinagar.

Speaking about the event, the District Election Officer(DEO) Srinagar said that Objective of such events is to enhance voter awareness and boost public participation.

The upcoming Lok Sabha Elections particularly sensitize the young voters about the value of vote. During the mass Electoral Awareness event participants presented skits, rap and band performances.

There were outstanding performances from Delhi Public School Srinagar, Police Public School, Biscoe/Mallinson School, BHSS Khonmoh, MPML Higher Secondary, SP Higher Secondary, besides Amar Singh College and Government College for Women MA Road.

In addition, TulKul Club also presented skits. At the culmination of the event awards and certificates were given to the participants. The top rankers of the event were MPML Higher Secondary School in Rap performance, Government College for Women MA Road in Skit, Biscoe Mallinson School in Band performances and Police Public school in Standing Ovation performance.

The program was conducted by District Election Office Srinagar under the supervision of Nodal Officer SVEEP

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